Five Ways Your Law Firm Can Use Pinterest

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It has been well reported that Pinterest is the fastest growing website of all time.  It has proven itself to be much more than a passing fad and law professionals need to start taking advantage of its influence and scope.

The wonderful thing about Pinterest is that it is entirely visual and it is all about sharing.  The average user spends over an hour perusing the site so it presents an opportunity to get your firm’s marketing message across to many different users in a unique way.

Pinterest works by allowing people to manage a collection of images by creating pinboards.  All images that are pinned have a link back to their original website so when people discover your pin, or a pin related to your firm, they can also discover your website.

Below are five ways law professionals can use Pinterest to market their firm.

Create a board dedicated to lawyer humour

Although this may be quite different from any kind of marketing you have done before, it falls under the scope of “people buy products and services from people they like”.  What better way to engage with people than to make them laugh?  This idea will also allow your firm to stand out from the crowd and make your brand memorable through laughter.

Showcase your office and staff

Pinterest is all about offering users a visual experience.  Why not create a board containing pictures of your venue and staff so prospective clients can make a connection and feel comfortable in your office before they even set foot in the door.

Create a community board

If your law firm and staff are involved in the community in some way why not showcase this via Pinterest.  For example, if your company sponsors a charity why not create a pinboard with visual examples of the organisation you support.  Potential clients can then see your firm takes pride in supporting people and organisations in need.

Use videos

Pinterest is a wonderful platform for highlighting your vlogs and videos.  Because Pinterest makes sharing so simple it is a great way to ensure your videos are seen by an audience outside of your website visitors.

Create general interest boards

Pinterest can be more lighthearted and entertaining than a business LinkedIn or Twitter account.  You can make your account interesting by adding more personalised, general interest pages.  For example, you could create a board dedicated to photographs or the history of your local area. Perhaps one of your staff members is a talented cook, why not add a page containing their favourite recipes.  The possibilities are endless and only limited by your creative imagination.

So start using Pinterest and take advantage of this exciting and fun new way to connect with your clients.

Happy pinning!



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