Newsletter Writing Service for Law Firms

Newsletters are an excellent way of keeping in touch with your clients and providing extra value by keeping them up to date with latest developments in the legal industry.  Newsletters for law firms are also a wonderful marketing tool and allow you to softly showcase your firm’s services.

Can newsletters include articles?

Absolutely.  A newsletter is the perfect platform on which to put more in-depth articles for your clients and you can link out to the full article instead of it filling the screen.  Plus, you can now send out e-newsletters targeting specific client groups.  For example, you can create separate newsletters for your employment clients and commercial clients complete with articles to help each group with their particular legal problems.

Don’t people receive too many newsletters these days?

There is of course, a lot of marketing material being sent and received every day.  The way to make a newsletter work for your firm is to make it something people enjoy receiving and are keen to open.  That means balancing the sales, educational and news content carefully and not emailing people too often.  E-newsletters are often a valuable part of content strategy for law firms.

How often should I distribute a newsletter?

It depends on your clients and how often the law in your particular area of expertise changes and how often you as a firm have interesting things to share.  Once a month is probably more than enough for most clients.

How we can help

The Legal Copywriting Company can create your newsletters and write them in clear, non-legal language so your clients will gain useful information and stay aware of your firm’s expertise.

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