Terms & Conditions

Please find The Legal Copywriting Company’s terms and conditions below.  By contracting us to write for you, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. All terms and conditions below apply unless otherwise agreed in writing.

1. Quotations

Before commencing the work, you will be sent a quote for the project based on our prices which will be valid for 30 days.  This will include the time for meetings, telephone or email conversations to discuss the brief, research, planning, writing and submission of the first draft, discussion, evaluation and integration of one set of revisions (see Revisions below) and submission of the final draft.  It will not include travel expenses and out of hours’ communication initiated by the client.

2. Confirming the project

Before starting a project, The Legal Copywriting Company will require a written confirmation that the client or client’s agent has agreed to engage the company to write for them, agreed to the quotation, agreed to the deadline and has agreed to the company’s Terms & Conditions (an email is fine).

3.  Deposit

We reserve the right to ask for a  deposit of 50% before work commences.  Once the deposit is paid it cannot be refunded regardless of whether the project goes ahead.

4.  Payment

The client or the client’s agent will be invoiced on completion of the project every month for retainer work and payment is required within 28 days of invoicing. We currently accept the following payment methods:
– Direct bank transfer
– Cash

5. Right to Cancel  if Client Frustrates the Project with Unreasonable Delays

If the project deadlines are unreasonably delayed due to the client not responding to requests for further information, or failing to review drafts, we reserve the right to cancel the project and invoice the full amount stated on the original quotation.

6.  Late payment

Payment later than 28 days after invoicing may be considered actionable and interest charged according to the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. The Legal Copywriting Company also reserves the right to charge an administrative fee of £150 on all invoices that are settled 28 days or more after the invoicing date, in addition to any recovery costs.

7. Revisions

Clients are entitled to one set of ‘reasonable amendments’ to a piece of copy free of charge.  This is provided that such revisions are assigned within 30 days of the client’s receipt of the copy and are not based on a fundamental change in the project that is beyond our control.  ‘Reasonable amendments’ is defined as changes affecting no more than 10% of the work delivered.

Complete rewrites due to a change in direction at the client’s end is considered to be additional drafts and will be charged accordingly. A new quote can be submitted before commencing this work, if required.

8. Errors, Omissions and Indemnity

The Legal Copywriting Company makes every effort to ensure that the copy is free of errors and omissions – including errors in spelling and content – but cannot warrant this. We would request that the client or the client’s agent review the copy thoroughly before committing the  project to production, as the ultimate responsibility for the content rests with the client.

The client shall hold The Legal Copywriting Company harmless against any liability anywhere in the world, including liability arising from copyright infringement and libel, that results in any way from the use of its copywriting services and counsel on this project.   You, as the client, agree to indemnify The Legal Copywriting Company against any claim for compensation or damages brought about as a direct or indirect  consequence of the work it does for you and/or your organisation.

It is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure that all statements, claims, promises, information on said product or service, and guarantees are upheld in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. No claim for compensation or disbursement due to loss of earnings or any other detrimental effect to your business can be made against The Legal Copywriting Company.

9. Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
The Legal Copywriting Company can sign whatever confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements the client deems  necessary, however, the client agrees to indemnify The Legal Copywriting Company against any action whatsoever by the client or a third party, associated with the  accidental disclosure or loss of this information.

10. Portfolio

Where possible, for offline materials, The Legal Copywriting Company would request a copy of the finished project for its own records and use in its online portfolio. The Legal Copywriting Company would also request the right to link to any online copy via its website to use in its online portfolio.  The Legal Copywriting Company reserve the right to use selected extracts of its work both online and offline for self-promotion or advertising purposes unless  specifically forbidden to do so by a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement.