The Only Legal Blog Post Writing Service You’ll Need

blog word & pen - legal blog writing serviceWhy Does Your Legal Website Need A Blog?

1. It will boost your search engine rankings and new client instructions.  Why? Because search engines such as Google reward ‘freshness’.  Sites lacking in new and engaging content slowly fall in ranking, being surpassed by firms who understand digital marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  Importantly, we ensure your new content is carefully crafted to appear when prospective clients search for key questions and terms, hence leading to new instructions.

2. Prospective and existing clients expect it.  In today’s online-focused world, most of your existing and potential clients will expect to find blog articles on your law firm’s website which showcase your teams’ expertise.  Content marketing for lawyers is a necessary marketing task in current times.

3. It allows you to engage with your clients.  Blogs are also an excellent way to keep your existing clients informed of the latest legal developments that may affect their business or personal lives.  By also publishing your blog posts through social media, you will ensure that your clients are kept up to date by your organisation and furthermore, you will create a unique opportunity to engage with them through comments and shares.

At The Legal Copywriting Company, we research and write blog posts for many legal organisations, ranging from top London commercial practices to barristers and sole practitioners.

What makes The Legal Copywriting Company Different?

Many of our long-standing clients have come to us after engaging either a general copywriter with no legal background or a legal copywriter who does not have the tools necessary to ensure they understand the latest changes in the law.  Not only do our writers have a law background and LLB, we invest heavily in LexisNexis PSL, Westlaw, and Lawtel online subscriptions, which means we have access to at least as much legal research material as a small law firm.  This is essential.  Not only does it ensure our content is 100% accurate and reflective of the latest changes in law, but it protects the reputation of our clients; even a single mistake risks reputational damage for law firms.

I Would Love To Blog Regularly On My Website But I Do Not Have The Time

Let our legal blog writing service take care of it all for you.  We can come up with the ideas, do the research, write the posts and edit and proof your blog so you do not have to think about it.  Our writers will come and meet with you in your office if you would like and talk about what you want your blog posts to achieve revenue-wise, then work on a plan to make it happen.

How Often Should I Post A Legal Blog?

Ideally, you should post at least one blog a week.  This ensures that your clients are not bombarded with information from you, but your firm is not off the radar long enough for them to forget about you.  It is important to balance the need for regular new content with relevancy and purpose.

How We Can Help

Contact us to talk about starting your law firm blog today.  We would be delighted to work with you to create an engaging, informative set of blog posts for your clients to feel better informed and gain greater trust in your law firm’s expertise.