Legal Content Writing

What is a Legal Content Writer?

Legal content writers (also known as Legal Copywriters) author the words for solicitor/law firm/legal service website and marketing needs.  For example, a legal content writer will take care of the main words on your website, blogs, articles, brochures, white-papers, and newsletters.

What separates legal content writers from general copywriters is they possess an in-depth knowledge of the law, and as such should ideally be legally qualified with an LLB.

They are able to cover all areas of law, including family, immigration, criminal, corporate, information, tax, intellectual property, employment, construction, and commercial.

Why engage a Legal Content Writer?

Online and content digital marketing is increasingly important for law firms as a means to reach out to prospective clients and also as a way to connect with existing ones.  Legal copywriters have a unique blend of creative written skills and a robust knowledge of UK law, which means anything written is also read.  In addition to creating fresh and engaging content which satisfies and engages your audience, your legal content writer will ensure it meets Google’s needs.  In practice, this means any online content must be of the highest quality, completely original, well researched, and legally correct.  And the main reason Google wants to see accuracy is that law content, if incorrect, has the potential to cause harm – they call this ‘Your Money or Your Life’ (YMYL).  Therefore, any errors in your content can lead to Google applying penalties.

Legal copywriters will partner with your firm in confidence to ensure your content meet the needs of your peers, prospective clients, and search engines on an ongoing basis – and in a manner that allows your internal resources to focus on fulfilling their core roles as experts in law servicing clients.

How will a Legal Content Writer work with you?

Your legal copywriter will take the time to work closely with you from the outset.  Their first objective will be to clarify your business objectives, future plans for your law operation, overall strategy, and style/tone of voice required.  Based on this information, they will work to understand your content needs, working with your digital marketing team and any internal subject matter experts.  A draft content plan and schedule will then be drawn up and reviewed with you.  It is important that a step-wise approach be adopted which starts by assessing the existing core content before moving onto other forms of marketing output (i.e. blogs/articles).  A regular periodic meeting will be scheduled to review progress and make refinements to the approach if needed.  The best legal content writers will ensure you are constantly updated on progress, advised of news stories which would be relevant to your area of law, and suggest improvements and new ideas to improve your results.  In short, they will become a valuable member of your team and will become the voice of your organisation.

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