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5 Reasons Your Law Firm’s Website Is Not Getting Traffic

5 Reasons Your Law Firm’s Website Is Not Getting Traffic Most of the law firms who engage our services are struggling with low, flat, or declining website traffic, resulting in fewer client instructions.  And understandably, they are often confused or

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Is Your Law Firm’s Website Content Ready For Google In 2019?

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The Power of Public Relations for Law Firms – Part 1

  Welcome to the first of a series of articles focused on the power of PR for law firms.  In this blog, we will take a surface-level look at the very basics, before delving down deeper over the coming months.

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Using Keywords to Boost your Law Firm’s Search Engine Ranking

In the current era of Google (and we shouldn’t forget Bing), any legal business that appears first, or close to first in search results when searched for are likely to have a considerable advantage over those that do not. But

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Big Data – what it means for law firms

BIG DATA! Most people have heard of the trend towards “Big Data” but there seems to be little understanding of what it is. At it’s core is making sense of large and often disperate databases, to see completely new patterns

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Google’s New Mobile Algorithm – What This Really Means For Law Firms

As most people will know by now, from April 21st, Google will release into the wild its new search results algorithm which will reward sites that are deemed mobile friendly, and penalise those that are not. In practice, what Google’s

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