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Will Ditching My Smartphone Make Me More Creative?

Last night my husband annihilated my smartphone whilst trying to fix it.  I came home from my bookclub to be greeted with the confession that my phone was no more.  And I am delighted.  Because as a legal content writer, I

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Is Social Media Providing A New Way To Judge Women On Their Behaviour In Society?

I have always loved fiction books that provide a social commentary on the values and standards of the time they are set in and illustrate the ways in which these can be rebelled against.  Scarlett O’Hara,  Lizzie Bennet, Jo March,

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How To Make Your Legal Blog Interesting, Engaging and Readable

When I was a young sales rep working for LexisNexis, I would spend a lot of time in the waiting rooms of law firms.   As someone who becomes very antsy if I do not have something to read at all

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