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Why is Website Copywriting so Important?

A law firm’s website acts as a 24/7 shop window.  It needs to be written in a friendly, natural way to appeal to clients and have all the right background components to appeal to the search engine robots. When writing web content a good copywriter is constantly thinking of what your potential clients are searching for and what they need to find when they get to your website to make them engage your firm instead of your competitors.

Web design is important, but a great looking website needs detailed, client-focused content to give it substance.

At the Legal Copywriting Company, we know how to write legal web content that will showcase your knowledge and expertise whilst at the same time engaging the interest of visitors to your website.

Myths Surrounding SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Many of our clients come to us to revise their existing website copy which was written many years ago and is crammed full of key words in an effort to boost SEO.  With the release of the Google Panda algorithm in 2011, websites with thin or duplicate copy were penalised heavily and saw their Google search ranking plummet.

For the moment, engaging, informative, top-quality content is the KEY to optimising your page for the search engines.  By keeping your website choc full of fresh, updated blogs, news articles, and web pages, prospective clients will be naturally drawn to it and so will the search engine robots.

We know a good web page needs to contain the following:

  • Sub-headings and bullet points to make it easier for an online reader to browse through content to find the piece relevant to their needs quickly
  • Key word research and natural implementation of these words throughout the website
  • Original, high-quality content that provides proof to prospective clients that your firm has the necessary knowledge and expertise to manage their legal matter

Our Director, Corinne McKenna, has spent over ten years teaching legal professionals how to construct searches and research legal databases.  Therefore, she knows how people think when they open their browser and type in a few words that they hope will solve their current problem.  Her study of library science means she understands metadata and how it works.

Our copywriters are all encouraged to read trade magazines and attend professional development conferences to ensure they keep up to date with the ever evolving world of SEO.

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