How law firms can use social media to retain and acquire clients.

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Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn….there is so many social media platforms available these days it can be hard to know which one can best serve your legal firm’s content marketing strategy.  But like it or not social media is now essential for not only attracting new clients but retaining the loyalty of your existing ones.

Have a look at these latest stats courtesy of 101 Vital Social Media and Digital Marketing Statistics and New statistics highlight power of social media for law firms

  • The fastest growing segment of social media users is now adults aged 45-54 – this is also the age group buying property, investing for retirement, setting up companies…they need lawyers!
  • And for the younger clients…half of all social media users under age 35 follow their online friends’ product and service recommendations.
  • A whopping 95% of small businesses view blogging as an effective marketing technology tool, second only to email marketing.
  • Approximately 46% of online users rely on social media when they make a buying decision.

Having a social media marketing plan and managing it correctly will give your law firm the edge over the competition in so many ways; including:

  • You can engage with your clients on a personal level by answering their questions and taking on board their feedback.
  • You can keep busy business clients up to date with the latest changes in practice areas relevant to them with a quick tweet or Facebook update.
  • You can break down barriers between partners and clients by using social media to get clients engaging with them in a casual, online environment.
  • Regularly notifying clients of your firm’s latest blogs and newsletter updates will keep them coming back to your website for more information.
  • You will be able to take advantage of online referrals via Facebook likes and re-tweets etc.

So how does a law firm maximise their social media content and exposure?  By adding high-quality, informative content to their blog and social media accounts on a regular basis.  High-quality content is very important, nothing will damage your reputation faster than adding un-informative, sloppy trivia four times a day thinking it will encourage new clients to engage with your firm.  It won’t.

Engaging with people who take the time to post quality comments on your blog or ask relevant questions on your Facebook page is also a winning strategy.  As are good manners.  Thank your “likers” and people who decide that you are interesting enough to follow on Twitter. This will make you stand out from the crowd.

So have fun!  By using social media you can engage with existing and potential clients in a way that would have previously been impossible.  Happy tweeting.

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