Will Ditching My Smartphone Make Me More Creative?

Last night my husband annihilated my smartphone whilst trying to fix it.  I came home from my bookclub to be greeted with the confession that my phone was no more.  And I am delighted.  Because as a legal content writer, I have to do two things extremely well:

  1. creatively think up new ways to write about the law that appeals to ordinary people, and
  2. concentrate deeply for hours at a time.

And I am convinced the last seven years or so of relentless smartphone use has made both of these essential skills a lot harder than they should be – read more

Is Social Media Providing A New Way To Judge Women On Their Behaviour In Society?

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 I have always loved fiction books that provide a social commentary on the values and standards of the time they are set in and illustrate the ways in which these can be rebelled against.  Scarlett O’Hara,  Lizzie Bennet, Jo March,

How To Make Your Legal Blog Interesting, Engaging and Readable

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When I was a young sales rep working for LexisNexis, I would spend a lot of time in the waiting rooms of law firms.   As someone who becomes very antsy if I do not have something to read at all

Writers Don’t Write – Do They?

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Yesterday, I was listening to Radio Four’s, Only Artists where two artists get together and talk about their work.  This week’s episode featured cellist Steven Isserlis and Irish novelist and playwright Sebastian Barry.  Mr Barry, made a comment which I

The Fascinating Lives Of The First Women Solicitors

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Gwyneth Bebb. Source: The First 100 Years

My family and I have been fortunate enough to spend the past six weeks in Dijon, France.  Spending a summer exploring the hidden nooks of an almost untouched old town, mercifully spared any damage in both World Wars, and travelling

Rest, Play, Nap and Achieve More

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Rest by [Pang, Alex Soojung-Kim]

A few months ago, every time I opened my laptop to write a legal blog or webpage I wanted to cry.  For the first time, I found myself hating what I used to love.


After a particularly exhausting week, walking back to Kings Cross station after a day of meetings, I found myself in tears to my husband, telling him the idea of writing copy for the rest of my life filled me with a leaden dread.

The I read Rest by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang.

This remarkable book completely changed the way I work and live, and helped me fall in love with my career all over again Read more

The Power of Public Relations for Law Firms – Part 1











Welcome to the first of a series of articles focused on the power of PR for law firms.  In this blog, we will take a surface-level look at the very basics, before delving down deeper over the

Why Parents Must Teach Their Children To Think

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education concept , cute little girl at school happy to making homework.

I am reading an amazing book at the moment entitled; It Can’t Happen Here, a 1935 novel by Sinclair Lewis. It is about a charismatic and power-hungry politician, wins the election as President of the United States on a populist platform, promising to restore the country to prosperity and greatness.

For obvious reasons it is currently ranking in the top ten of the best seller list.

The book issues a stark warning to those of us who subscribe to and wholeheartedly believe in liberal values.  In today’s world of Brexit, Donald Trump, Viktor Orbán, Nigel Farage, David Davies, Boris Johnson, Kellyanne Conway, fake news and outright lies, those in power need you to be ignorant.  And to remain in power, they need your children to be ignorant too – read more


Golden Hill – The Best Book Of 2016?

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Golden Hill

I recently finished reading Golden Hill by Francis Spufford. The Sunday Times named this 2016’s best novel and I think I have to agree with them.
I will get to the story later, but as a writer, what struck me is the energetic, fast-paced style the author uses. He adores using colons and often speaks directly to the reader, giving an in-depth description of what is going on in a scene.
And then there is Tabitha, quite possibly one of the most devious, monstrous creatures every created. She deceives, lies, double-crosses and betrays the hero, Richard Smith throughout the novel, but somehow Mr Spufford makes us hope that the Smith will get his girl, even if she is pure poison.  Read more

Why I Love Working With Start-Ups

Share ButtonI love business.  Whenever a lawyer gives me a meaty business law blog to write, such as M&As and corporate governance, I get very excited.  I also love being around passionate, engaged people who have enough gumption (one of my

My Goal For 2017 – Get Blogging!

Happy New Year to you! You would think as a professional legal copywriter who is constantly pushing the virtues of blogging, not only to my clients but my friends who own businesses as well, that I would be faultlessly consistent

 Artificial Intelligence is going to change the world of SEO – What you need to know

In our last series of blogs, we looked at how “content is king” in the world of SEO, and how your law firm can maximise this to greatest effect. In today’s blog we are delving into tomorrow’s world, which it

 How to Create Great Landing Pages for Your Law Firm’s Website

When you come to designing your law firm’s website, there are many aspects you need to take into consideration.  One of the most important will be your landing pages. These are the pages that Google will use to link a

 Using Keywords to Boost your Law Firm’s Search Engine Ranking

In the current era of Google (and we shouldn’t forget Bing), any legal business that appears first, or close to first in search results when searched for are likely to have a considerable advantage over those that do not. But

 How to ensure your law firm reaches the first page of a Google search

As a law firm there is really no better marketing way of getting your company name in the public domain than appearing in a Google search result page. As most people know however, this is only useful to you if

 Big Data!

BIG DATA! Most people have heard of the trend towards “Big Data” but there seems to be little understanding of what it is. At it’s core is making sense of large and often disperate databases, to see completely new patterns

How To Write Legal Web Pages That Land Clients

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 Most people now know that stuffing keywords into web pages in order to achieve higher rankings in Google is about as effective as spitting into the ocean.  The practice of Keyword stuffing is likely to see your law firm’s website drop in rankings, due to the penalties Google will impose.

Although Keywords are still important, it is vital that legal marketing professionals understand how they are important in 2015, or to put it another way, “what Google is looking for when it considers what is great content”.  Read more

UK Law Firms Need To Start Embracing Podcasts

Do you want a cost-effective, simple way to connect with your existing and prospective clients on a totally different level?  Using a method that will make you stand out from the crowd of other law firms diligently blogging away?

Then consider turning some of your existing blog and article materials into podcasts. Read more

 The Role of Emotion in Legal Copywriting

Recently a client showed me a comparison of two different law firm websites – one was written with emotional language such as ‘we understand’, ‘empathy’ and ‘sensitivity’ woven into the content, and the other was composed in a more straightforward, direct style that lacked any emotional words.

This got me thinking – is it a good idea to try and connect with clients via your firm’s communications with emotionally driven words, or should a law firm’s tone of voice portray confidence, authority and directness at all times? Read more

Google’s New Mobile Algorithm – What This Really Means For Law Firms

As most people will know by now, from April 21st, Google will release into the wild its new search results algorithm which will reward sites that are deemed mobile friendly, and penalise those that are not.

In practice, what Google’s freshly updated robots are looking for sites that have a ‘responsive’ design. Simply put, this means that the site automatically detects the size and format of the client web device and automatically re-formats its format accordingly. Google bots will deem your site to be mobile friendly or not, there will be no shades of grey Read more

The Importance of Your Website’s Legal Services Menu

Many legal firms have the look of their website pretty sorted. It’s not unheard of to invest large amounts of money into making and maintaining a slick website design that captures an audience. Colour schemes run to blue because it’s trustworthy, but not yellow because it’s too childish, and definitely include a slim black font because it’s sophisticated. Despite everyone’s claims to looking to substance, let’s face it – we all judge a book by its cover and this is why web design has become a paramount part of developing a business. But we are stuck doing everything the old way, pouring money into making our websites look great, despite it lacking content?  Read more

Why White (Papers) are the New Black in Legal Content

In today’s era, there is no doubt that technology is at the crux of bolstering business marketing. We all do it; Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and the long debated trend of internet advertising, it’s here and it is an inescapable part of capturing the market.  Part of that is generating content for the Internet and there’s no better way to do so than put out a white paper…Read more

Our New Office Assistant


The Seven Deadly Sins of Legal Website Copywriting

Share ButtonHello again.  Sorry about the long gap between posts.  I have committed the classic sin of not updating my blog for a couple of months.  My excuse is, you guessed it….I have been too busy.  But the truth is I

Want To Know More About The Legal Copywriting Company?

Read this interview with The Legal Copywriting Company’s Founder and Director, Corinne McKenna read more

The Legal Copywriting Company is Here

Finally, a copywriter just for legal professionals.   Due to the rapid growth in business McKenna Legal Copywriting has formed as a limited company and is now trading as The Legal Copywriting Company. Founded in January 2014, The Legal Copywriting Company is

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Starting a New Business Venture

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Since starting my legal copywriting business in January I have learned a few things: 1. I still loathe accounting; and 2.  I am a lazy business woman. What do I mean by lazy?  Simple.   I want to make the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time without having to work 80 hours a week. Doesn’t everyone? My desire is to spend as much time as possible with my husband, children and friends.  I also want to take advantage of exploring my adopted home country (the UK) and all it has to offer.  Although I love my work, like everyone, I want a nice balance in my life. Here are a few tips that I have learned from my ten years in sales and marketing, and from seven months of building my own company from scratch and seeing it become steadily more and more successful. Interested?  Then read on.

How To Come Up With Original Legal Blog Ideas

Despite telling my clients that they need to blog at least once a week to improve and retain their rankings on Google, I have not posted anything on my own blog for nearly a month.  The reason?  Look below read more

Creating Your Brand – Is Your Legal Content Targeting Your ‘Other” Clients?

Anyone who has a vague idea about SEO knows that, at the moment, content is king.  Since the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, website builders and business owners have had to invest heavily in creating high-quality, informative content for their customers in order to have a chance of gaining and keeping a decent ranking in Google.

Stop the press – Google announced yesterday that it has released two new web spam updates, Panda 4 and Payday Loan 2.0.  Read more here.

However, as well as writing first-class content for your paying clients, law firms need to ensure that they create copy for their ‘other’ clients.  And who are these ‘other’ clients you may ask? Read more

Your Copywriter Should Become Your Law Firm’s Voice – Make Them Legal

There are many fantastically talented copywriters around the world.  Some have many years’ experience and can easily clear a six-figure income year on year.  So what is so special about hiring a legal copywriter to write legal content?  Surely any good copywriter can do it, right? Yes and no read more

Tricks Designed To Make Your Legal Blogs Engage The Average Reader

Around 80% of my work is writing regular blogs for law firms.  I am usually engaged by a firm to write one or two blogs per week, and it takes around four hours to research and create a 600-800 word post.  As you can imagine, most law firms to not have someone in-house who can dedicate this sort of time to blogging, even though firms that are posting regular blogs are finding they add tremendous value to their website and attract new clients. However, there is another reason, aside from lack of time, that legal professionals ask me to write their content Read more

Life Beyond Facebook and Twitter…Law Firms Need To Embrace Google+

Capture 1 Google+ is a fantastic, free way to increase your SEO (search engine optimisation) and click-through rates, expand your presence on Google and make your law firm’s website stand out from the crowd.  Unfortunately, the legal profession has yet to fully embrace it, mainly because it is seen as just another social media site, and even worse, another social media site which no one uses. So what is Google+?  Why is it so effective for SEO and click-through rates, and what can you do to enhance your law firm’s presence on it? Read more

Capture 2

Why Law Firms Should Outsource Their Blog/Article Writing

Having excellent written communication skills is something most legal professionals are very proud of.  Much of the work a lawyer does involves writing, whether it be briefs, opinions or letters to clients.  So why should a law professional, who is likely to be a skilled author, outsource their own article or blog writing?  Read more

How The Legal Profession Can Harness The Power of Content Marketing

Content Marketing, in both its digital and traditional guises, has been around for several years and the time is right for the legal profession to start taking advantage of its un-tapped power to attract and retain new and existing clients.  Traditional avenues of advertising are increasingly losing their power. We can now skip through advertisements on television, people receive so much direct marketing in the post that it is usually binned without a second glance, and when was the last time you noticed a Google Ad when you were surfing the internet? So what exactly is Content Marketing and why has it become such an important and increasingly popular mechanism for various types of industries to connect with their customers in a way that they have not been able to do so previously? Read more

Seven Creative People With Law Degrees.

When it comes to writing, marketing and advertising, lawyers are often unfairly discriminated against because they are not thought of as “creative people”.  In fact, lawyers have an unfortunate image of being serious, dry, and let’s face it, a little boring. However, there are many creative geniuses who graduated with a law degree before re-focusing on their chosen creative fields and in this blog I am introducing seven of them, some of whom will probably surprise you.  Read more

Can you make a living as a writer?

This weeks blog is a little different from my usual posts.  Rather than concentrating on legal content marketing and copywriting I wanted to discuss writing.  More specifically, can you make a living from writing?  The reason I decided to venture away from my usual theme this week is because I have had two talented women ask me about getting into writing, and whether you can make a living from it. My answer is a resounding.. Read more

Five ways your law firm can use Pinterest.

It has been well reported that Pinterest is the fastest growing website of all time.  It has proven itself to be much more than a passing fad and law professionals need to start taking advantage of its influence and scope. Read more

Law professionals, content marketing and social media…making it happen.

Last week I read a wonderful article entitled Hard proof that content marketing works – a professional speaker case study.  I found it an excellent article outlining how creating great content and putting it on your website regularly can directly impact on not only your websites’ search engine ranking and visitors, but also converting those visitors into paying clients. So why isn’t everyone doing it?  What are the most common barriers to content marketing and social media use and how can a small to medium size law firm overcome them?  Let’s have a look at a few in detail.  Read more.

Social media and law firms – how to maximise your presence and attract new clients.

There are so many social media sites to be on these days that you could spend a large part of your working life managing and updating them, to the point where you don’t actually get much productive work done!  Therefore it is essential to manage your social media presence effectively and efficiently. Ideally your social media marketing plan should aim to achieve the following outcomes: Read more

The legal brochure…still a winner.

The humble brochure.  It is so easy to think “why bother” in the age of websites, social media and content marketing.  Why spend money on a printed brochure when you have all the information your clients need on your website?  Read more

The content clients want to see on your law firm’s website.

How are you using your law firm’s website?  Do you just see it as a place clients come to to get telephone numbers and email addresses.  Or do you treat it as your 24/7 shop window by make it choc-full of relevant, useful content designed to help your clients understand the law and your firm’s services better? Read more

Catchy Copywriting and the Rule of Three

Of the many rules for good writing, the “rule of three” is a simple but effective one. The rule of three and writing go together like Bonnie & Clyde, Cathy & Heathcliff, Scarlett & Rhett etc. etc. The rule is basic….the number three is the lowest figure that can be used to form patterns in our mind and the human mind enjoys thinking this way.  When things are grouped in threes we find them more pleasant and satisfying and we are more likely to absorb the message that is being communicated.  This is why many stories, nursery rhymes, and famous quotations that we remember contain an element of this persuasive and engaging concept read more

 Remember the WIFM (what’s in it for me) in your copywriting.

WIFM.  What’s in it for me?  There is no more important concept in sales….you have to be able to tell a potential buyer what they will gain by purchasing your product.  Yet this simple rule is forgotten time and time again.  We get so caught up in talking up features, not to mention talking up ourselves we forget that a potential customer cares about one thing and one thing only.  What’s in it for them!  After spending over ten years in sales I have become pretty good at getting the WIFM across both verbally and in writing so keep reading and I will show you how you can too read more

Using positive language in your sales and marketing material.

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope 2014 is a productive and prosperous year for you. Using positive language to motivate your customers to buy is one of the most important things you can do to increase your sales and retention.  However, often language designed to motivate a customer to buy a product or service is written in the negative. Let’s look at a very common example. “Don’t miss out” read more

Five reasons why your law firm needs great web content.

“We don’t need a website, all our work comes from word of mouth”.  ”We already have more clients than we can comfortably manage”.  ”A website would be nice to have but I do not have time to organise it”.  ”Who would write the content?” These are common, compelling reasons why many barristers, sole practitioners, and small and medium size firms either do not have a website or have one that is basic at best and amateurish at worst.  However, a great website is a 24/7 shop window that can showcase your firm’s expertise, people and specialist knowledge. Here are five reasons why it is worth investing in a great website with regularly updated, authoritative content read more

Why your law firm’s website needs a blog.

So you have set up your law firm’s website.  It has well written content for your clients, it is optimised for the search engines and it reflects the right image for your firm. Now you can just carry on with business and just update the website when you have a change of staff right?  Wrong! Setting up a great website is just the beginning.  In order to keep it up in the search engine rankings and provide true benefit for your clients you need to keep adding fresh content.  The most effective way to do this is through a blog read more

How to use blogs and newsletters in your law firm’s content marketing strategy.

In 2014 content marketing will be key to promoting your firm to your clients.  A full 90% of consumers find custom content useful and 78% believe that organisations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them (see more interesting facts on content marketing here). Blogs and newsletters are excellent content marketing tools.  They can allow you to fully connect with different types of people and provide the sort of additional service and free information that creates client loyalty and brand recognition. So what are the key differences between the two? Read more..

How law firms can use social media to acquire and retain clients.

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn….there is so many social media platforms available these days it can be hard to know which one can best serve your legal firm’s content marketing strategy.  But like it or not social media is now essential for not only attracting new clients but retaining the loyalty of your existing ones.  Read more