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Qualified and Experienced to Ensure the Quality of Your Law Firm’s Copy

The Legal Copywriting Company is a specialist legal service firm based in the beautiful hills of Shropshire, providing content in the form of blogs, articles, web pages, whitepapers, and marketing material for the legal industry.

The Legal Profession’s Copywriter

Why Choose Us?

Do you want to see results?

Is your website getting the traffic you desire? Are your sales and marketing materials generating the revenue you expect?

Do you want to add a blog or other new content to your website but cannot think of enough fresh ideas, let alone find the time to write it? Let us help you meet your targets, entice new clients, increase your online presence and retain your existing clients with our copywriting.

Our high-quality content generates results, saving you time and money and give your business communication its spark back.

“Truly understanding the legal profession is what makes our content so effective. We will add value to your law firm by providing well researched, well-written content, which will increase your firm’s clients, visibility and revenue”.
Corinne McKenna

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PRACTICE MANAGERS AND LEGAL PROFESSIONALS  Is your articles/news page sitting idle on your firm’s website because no one has the time to write new content? Are you desperate to improve your website’s rankings on Google? Do your brochures and print advertisements need a relaunch? Hire The Legal Copywriting Company to create engaging, exciting content that converts into new clients and provides a fantastic ROI for your business.
WEB/GRAPHIC DESIGNERS AND AGENCIES  Need ongoing, fresh ideas for a client’s blog page? Want to ensure great content accompanies your brilliant designs? Taken on a client that requires a writer with legal expertise? Let us come up with the ideas, create the words and enhance your designs with fabulous, well-researched content guaranteed to satisfy your legal clients.
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